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Getting Started

We're excited to release access to our API so your church can build tools and leverage technology to better reach and engage your attenders through the Church Online Platform.

What You Need to Know to Get Started

Our API is exposed utilizing a technology called GraphQL.

In a traditional REST API, you interact with multiple endpoints based on resource and operation. With GraphQL, you will only interact with one endpoint. If you are not familiar with GraphQL, we recommend you read Introduction to GraphQL and Queries and Mutations before using our API.

Using the GraphQL endpoint, you can do two types of operations: querying and mutating.

  • Queries are used to get one specific object or to search for a list of objects that match a given search query.
  • Mutations are used to perform certain actions and alter objects.


Examples and Your Subdomain

The examples in our documentation will use "" as the endpoint, but you should replace 'subdomain' with the subdomain of your Church Online Platform organization. Our API will also work against your custom domain URL.

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Getting Started

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